For those who appreciate the majestic view of snow-capped Denali or the serene atmosphere of the live oaks along the Carmel coast, our Mountain Oak Collection is the perfect choice.
      Our advanced technology ensures that these floors remain exceptionally durable and completely waterproof, all while providing the authentic look and feel of genuine hardwood flooring.
      Our new Extra-Wide flooring option boasts wider and longer planks, delivering an even more genuine vintage flooring experience.
      Introducing our innovative Pure SPC, featuring exclusive technology that renders the floors both inert and waterproof. It comes with a limited 25-year residential warranty and a limited 10-year commercial warranty.
      Furthermore, our brand-new anti-bacterial EVA underlayment padding is pre-attached to the floor planks. This not only simplifies and accelerates installation but also offers outstanding noise insulation, a feature not previously available.
      Our Pure SPC floors are not only more robust and easier to install than other options, but they also have a longer lifespan, and true to our commitment to environmental sustainability, they are eco-friendly.
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